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And the rest of the 765PRO ALLSTARS!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 (Japan Standard Time)
BANDAI NAMCO Group Meeting
The Announcement
12:37 PM

Haruka Amami called a meeting about the upcoming iDOLMASTER PS4 game, and has stated that there will be a big change to the series... but what is it?

Haruka: And so, this special BANDAI NAMCO meeting will come to order!
Pac-Man: And it was a good thing you got us some lunch, Haruka! So I thank you for that! (chomps down on a piece of pepperoni pizza.)
Clyde: So, uh, what was this meeting about again exactly?
Pinky: It's about the new iDOLMASTER game on PlayStation 4.
Clyde: Oh. Sorry!
Haruka: OK, so have all of you seen the upcoming iDOLMASTER game on PS4? Youzou Sakagami first announced it in September of 2013!
Pac-Man (as he was about to eat another piece of pizza): Hmm... now that you've mentioned it, I haven't seen it yet.
Cylindria: Neither did I! I had to study at Maze High School.
Spiral: Same here! Speaking of Maze High School, Pacster and I had a little eating race during lunch time.
Mappy: I was out doing police work.
Valkyrie: I was busy protecting Marvel Land from evil.
Heihachi: I was busy practicing for the TEKKEN 7 tournament.
Jin: Same here.
Asuka: Double that.
Haruka: Oh... well, in that case, all the idols, myself included, showed a short preview of the game at THE iDOLMASTER MASTERS OF IDOL WORLD!!2015 earlier in July. But... I must announce something very important. There will be a big change to the series starting from the upcoming PS4 game.
(Everybody in the room gasps)
Pac-Man: Are you serious, Haruka!? W-w-what is it?!
Clyde: Something tells me that doesn't sound good...
Pinky: Oh, please don't tell me! Are some of the 765PRO voice actors leaving!? I'd be truly devastated if Eriko Nakamura left the series! She does an amazing job voicing you, Haruka, always!
Siegfried: Or worse... is there going to be a complete voice cast overhaul for all the 765PRO idols?
Mappy: Are you and the others getting kicked off the franchise!? That'll make your growing fanbase extremely outraged!
Sorey: Are you moving to another production studio!?
Colette: Is someone leaving? Or worse... (panicked and freaking out) IS SOMEONE GOING TO DIE!?
Haruka (giggles nervously): Eh-heh-heh! No no no no no, it's not a dramatic change, everyone! The big change is the visual style of the series! Character models in other words!
(Everyone breathes a sigh of relief)
Pac-Man: That was a close one... (eats another piece of pizza)
Heihachi: Wait a second... visual style? You mean you're going to change the way how you look?
Haruka: Yes, Heihachi-san! My hairstyle will stay the same, and my ribbons won't go away, but my current visual game style after almost 10 years will change as of next week! Everyone else will have their styles changed too!
Klonoa: But what about your eye color? You're not gonna change it, are you?
Haruka: I won't change it, Klonoa-chan! I promise! (clears throat) Anyway, next Wednesday, we will show you all the unveiling of our new PS4 game on a Famitsu magazine and we'll even reveal the name of it too! Do you guys want to see it next week?
Pac-Man: Of course! We're your friends!
Cylindria: We'd love to see it! 
Spiral: And we promise to give you our best reactions as soon as possible!
Jin: What do you think, Heihachi? Can we check it out before TEKKEN 7 hits the PS4 and Xbox One?
Heihachi: Hmm... I guess so. Next week's training session for the TEKKEN 7 tournament can wait for a little while longer. I might as well postpone it to 7:30 PM.
Asuka: Awesome!
Colette: Can we see it, Lloyd?
Genis: Please?
Lloyd: All right, sure. I guess a little announcement will kill some time.
Mikleo: Can we see the game, Sorey?
Alisha: Onegai?
Sorey: Of course we can! I don't mind.
Clyde: We can see the game, right, Inky?
Inky: Well... OK then! As long as Betrayus doesn't mind.
Pinky: Yay!
Blinky: Sweet!
Mappy: I'll take a look, as long as there are other officers in the Micro-police force to keep Goro and those troublemaking Meowky away, Haruka!
Ki: Can we see it, Gil, please?
Gilgamesh: Why wouldn't we? We'd all love to, Haruka!
Sophita: What do you think? Should we?
Siegfried: Very well. And it better be interesting.
Huepow: Can we see it, Klonoa?
Klonoa: Sure! After all, I got a lot of time!
Lolo: Whoo! Thank you!
Valkyrie: And I will see the announcement too. But I will need to leave my duties to Kurino for the time being.
Haruka: Ah! Arigatou, minna! I'll do my very best to impress all of you! Well, I declare that this meeting is adjourned! (bows, and walks out waving bye-bye) See you next week, minna-san! (shuts door)
Velvet: So... an announcement for a new game on PlayStation 4... well, my game hasn't even been released in Japan yet, but, I guess I can take a look at the game with you guys, to say the least.
Reiko: That's good, Velvet.
Wonder Momo: And we'll be with you when it comes!
Velvet: Thanks guys.
Laphicet: Don't forget you got me too, Velvet!
Velvet: Thank you, Laphicet.
Spiral: So we just got one week until the big reveal? It's almost like watching a Nintendo Direct! Only on a magazine this time.
Cylindria: So, what can we do 'til then?
Pac-Man (eats down the rest of the pizza): How's about we head on back to Pac-World, and get ready for our field trip we're supposed to go to later today? And then later on in the week, we can go do some fun stuff at Pac-Park!
Spiral: Hmm...
Cylindria: He's got a point. Come on!
(Fade to black)

One week later...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 (Japan Standard Time)
BANDAI NAMCO Group Meeting
The Viewing of THE iDOLMASTER PS4 (Title not revealed yet until the magazines arrive from Uzuki Shimamura and Mirai Kusaga!)
11:05 AM

And so came the day of the unveiling of the upcoming iDOLMASTER game for the PlayStation 4 via Famitsu, even without a trailer... how will everyone respond?

(Fade in to all the characters waiting for their magazines.)
Pac-Man: Well, everyone, those Famitsu magazines should be quite here about now.
Heihachi: I agree. We should've been expecting them earlier.
Lloyd: How long are they gonna take?
Genis: Have they been delayed?
Velvet: I don't know how long they'll be to arrive, but we gotta be patient.
Laphicet: Patience is always a virtue to practice.
Cylindria: So, Pac, how do you think Haruka and the others are going to look like in the new game?
Pac-Man: Gee, now that you mentioned it, I don't know, Cyli...
Clyde: Maybe all the idols will look too realistic and they might not be able to look cute or cool anymore!
Blinky: Oh, Clyde! Don't get so guessy! We will never know until it's revealed!
Clyde: Sorry.
Klonoa: I'm getting kind of worried about Haruka. I hope she's doing OK.
(The door opens getting everyone's attention. Uzuki and Mirai come in with copies of the latest Famitsu magazine.)
Uzuki: Hi, everyone! We're here!
Mirai: We finally brought the magazines! (Uzuki and Mirai go around the room and give everyone, including themselves, a copy of the latest Famitsu magazine)
Wonder Momo: Ah! Uzuki-chan! Mirai! Konnichiwa!
Mappy: Hi girls!
Gilgamesh: Greetings!
Uzuki: So, we heard that you all wanted to know what the new game was, right?
Ki: Yes, that's right!
Pac-Man: Hey, where's Haruka? She should be handing out the magazines!
Uzuki: Oh, that, well, she and the others are getting their character models fixed up due to the PlayStation 4's capabilities.
Klonoa: Really? I can't wait to see their new looks!
Heihachi: When will we expect them, Uzuki?
Uzuki: We can see them now! It has the four-page inside scoop!
Mappy: Oh, boy, can't wait!
Inky: You ready for their new designs, Pinky?
Pinky (sings READY!!): Are you READY? I'm LADY!! (stops singing.) Sorry... couldn't resist.
(Everyone turn their pages to the main event of the magazine, the game that is now called: THE iDOLMASTER Platinum Stars.)
Pac-Man: And so the new title of the game is...
Uzuki: Wow! The game is called THE iDOLMASTER Platinum Stars!
Pinky: Oh my goodness! Look at Haruka!
Colette: Oh my gosh, her eyes are so cute!
Wonder Momo: And the graphics look so enhanced!
Lloyd: She looks very well done...
Cylindria: And look! Haruka and others in their new blue costumes! The costume's called Twinkle Star! How cute!
Spiral: Wow... they look so cool!
Mappy: What are they supposed to be? Sailors?
Klonoa: Doesn't matter if they're sailors or not, but they look awesome!
Asuka: They even match the color of my battle clothes! That's my kind of idol costume!
Reiko: Wow... all the idols look really lovely with this new artwork! And it says here that facial expressions have been improved too! I can't wait to see Chihaya's cute smile again!
Siegfried: Hmmm... according to this magazine, concerts will now follow a rhythm game system. That reminds me of another BANDAI NAMCO game...
Pac-Man: Taiko no Tatsujin, Siegfried?
Siegfried: Oh, right. That.
Sorey: It also says here that camera work will now be dynamic during performances, and the shaking of the crowd waving of pen lights will drastically be powered up! Now that makes this a real idol game!
Alisha: I can't wait to try it out when it releases!
Klonoa: Hold on a second.
Lolo: What is it, Klonoa?
Huepow: What's wrong?
Klonoa: It says here that players will work hard as a new producer at 765PRO... at a training camp!?
Genis: Eh?! But why not the usual studio building, Uzuki?
Uzuki: Well, you'll see later, Genis-chan. But yes, it's true, for as stated in the magazine, the player will live alongside our friends from 765PRO while deepening his/her bonds and leading them to become top idols as usual.
Mikleo and Sorey (sweatdropping comically): B-b-bonding?
Lloyd: But with bonding...
Colette: That means that all the idols might give the producer a kiss...
Clyde (gasps): Eww!!! You're right, Colette! That's something that hasn't been done for over 10 years!
Inky: I'd totally barf if I saw that...
Pinky: I'd love it, and cherish the moment...
Blinky: I'd tweet about it to my ghostly followers!
Colette: I wouldn't wanna imagine shippings if that happened... so, what's the last general thing, Mirai?
Mirai: Well, at the training camp, you'll be able to view the girls while deciding the contents of their work.
Uzuki: We also have a "Stage For You" element being prepared that lets you freely arrange the stage!
Pac-Man: That's awesome! Well, it looks like that's pretty much it for our first look of this game. But I gotta say, it looks really nice so far, considering the girls look beautiful with them graphics!
Ki: I agree, Pac-Man.
Gilgamesh: So far, a trailer hasn't even came out yet, but we do know that it'll be coming to the PS4 soon.
Alisha: How can we know more about the game if there won't be a trailer?
Sorey: There will be one soon! I heard there's one coming shortly!
Jin: What? Why didn't somebody inform me? I'll have to keep that in mind.
Lloyd: I don't know if we'll get any new characters introduced to the iDOLMASTER series in this game, but I think there might be no need since we have tons of them from MILLION LIVE! and CINDERELLA GIRLS. Uh, no offense, you two.
Uzuki: None taken, Lloyd-sama!
Mirai: We understand!
Pac-Man: I can't wait to tell Haruka about this! She'll be so happy!
Haruka (voice via intercom): Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention, please? First of all, I would just like to say that thank you all very much for taking your very first looks at our new game called THE iDOLMASTER Platinum Stars! The others and I will meet you at the entrance lobby waiting for your reactions of our new designs!
Pac-Man: Come on, everyone! Time to get an exclusive close-up on their new faces!
(Scene transition. Pac-Man and co. walk to the 765PRO ALLSTARS, who are now in their new Twinkle Star costumes and their new character models as seen in THE iDOLMASTER Platinum Stars, coming for the PS4.)
Haruka: Konnichiwa, minna-san!
Pac-Man: Hey there, Haru... (takes notice of Haruka's new look) oh my goodness!!!
Haruka: So what do you think of our new models?
Pac-Man: Wow, Haruka! You look really impressive!
Uzuki: What big bright eyes you have!
Mirai: You look really beautiful!
Haruka (giggles, blushing): Eh-heh-heh-heh! Thank you, guys! I'm glad you like this new look!
Pinky: Oh my goodness, Iori, you look SO ADORABLE!
Wonder Momo: You're really charming now, Iori! The fans can't wait to see you!
Iori: Nihihi~! Thank you, girls! I wanted to look super kawaii for my PS4 debut, so here I am, ready to attract my fans with my new face!
Chihaya: So, Inky? Reiko? What do you think of my new model?
Reiko: That... that is lovely, Chihaya. I think you're going to make many people fall in love with you, thanks to your redesign.
Inky: You're going to become a magnet with that new smoking hot body!
Chihaya: Um... thank you, Inky.
Miki: So, how do I look?
Valkyrie: You look fascinating, Miki. I really think you'll do great in Platinum Stars!
Miki: Oh thank you, Valkyrie-san!
Ami: So, Klonie, how do you like the new Ami?
Mami: Does Mami look cheerful to you?
Lolo: Well, you two look rather cute to begin with.
Huepow: And you're still energetic as ever.
Klonoa: Needless to say, Ami, and Mami, you two are going to be awesome!
Ami & Mami: Arigatou, Klonie!
Yukiho: Um... do you like my new character model, Ki?
Ki: Why of course, Yukiho! With your shy tone, you'll be much cuter than before!
Yukiho: Thank... you. (smiles and blushes)
Makoto: So, Jin, do I look awesome?
Jin: Well... more than that... YOU'RE HOT!!!
Makoto (fangirl screams): THANK YOU, JIN!!! (faints, and comes to in a moment later) Eh-heh... sorry.
Yayoi: Hi, Clyde! How's my new look?
Clyde: It's really adorable, Yayoi! I adore the enhanced pigtails!
Yayoi: Ah! Arigatou, Clyde-chan! I'm glad you really like it! I can't wait to give it my best shot on the PS4!
Siegfried: Ritsuko... your braids... have you changed your hairstyle again?
Ritsuko: Yes. See, I can still perform onstage even if I'm producing Ryuuguu Komachi.
Velvet: It is a magnificent remodel, Ritsuko.
Ritsuko: Thank you, Velvet.
Azusa: So, Mappy, do you think I look lovely?
Mappy: Hmm... I don't like this new remodel... I LOVE IT!
Azusa: Thanks. (kisses Mappy, leaving Mappy pink temporarily)
Mappy: Shucks...
Genis: Takane... your eyes... they have definitely changed since you and the others announced Platinum Girls and I love them so much...
Takane: Oh... thank you very much, Genis-san...
Genis: And I have one question... now that you're twice as pretty... (flirting comically a la Brock) would you like to go out with me?! (Lloyd and Colette comically fall over upon hearing that)
Lloyd & Colette: Genis!!
Takane: Uh... no...
Alisha: Wow, Hibiki! I adore that new face of yours! Now you look a lot more cooler than ever, girl!
Hibiki (laughs): Ah-hah-hah-hah-hah! Thanks, Alisha! Everyone had to get a re-do when Platinum Stars was announced!
Pac-Man: You all look really beautiful, thanks to the PlayStation 4!
Haruka: Our many thanks, Pac-Man! We're really happy you're enjoying our character remodels! Now let's get down to business, minna-san! (clears throat) According to our executive producer, Youzou Sakagami, there's going to be some new features! You all wanna hear?
Pac-Man: Absolutely! So, what's the first big feature?
Haruka: It has been 5 years since THE iDOLMASTER 2 was released, so as of this year, I'm happy to report that we will get another new logo for our series! It'll also symbolize the start of something new!
Heihachi: What? Again with that? It's already been almost 6 years since you've changed the logo. But since Platinum Stars marks the start of something new... why not? What's next, Chihaya?
Chihaya: The span of the camera work has been expanded. Now you will be able to see a maximum of 50,000 pen lights in the audience!
Wonder Momo (brightened, eyes sparkling): 50,000 pen lights!? That's so incredible! I would love that many people cheering me on! Anything else, Yayoi?
Yayoi: We have a new technology developed for this game! It's called Variable Tune!
Asuka: Variable Tune? Like variants of the same song? Is that what it is, Yayoi? I think some Idolmaster producers have been playing too many Rareware games.
Yayoi: Um... no, you're probably going to have to find out soon, Asuka-chan. Can't spoil anything before the game releases...
Yukiho: The reason why we were remodeled was because we now have a sense of softness.
Makoto: Plus, our personalities won't change much from normal, since the player will meet us for the first time at a training camp.
Miki: But keep in mind, not all of us our open-minded to do so. Like take Chihaya here, she may seem cold as first.
Haruka: And last but not least, we have the story. You guys wanna hear?
Pac-Man: OK sure! Let me guess, a new rival wants to defeat you? We already knew about Leon from 961PRO.
Haruka: Well, you may think that, Pac-Man, but... no. This game takes place in a parallel world of the series.
Velvet: Huh? Parallel?
Laphicet: As in imaginary?
Haruka: Well, something like that, but yes. We at 765PRO make our idol debuts as usual, but now, here's a twist. We're not that popular this time.
Sorey: Well, that's harsh.
Haruka: This is where our president Takagi made the decision to have all of us attend a training camp, and that's where the story begins!
Klonoa: Oh, OK, I get it now! So that explains the training camp I heard about when reading the magazine!
Haruka: Oh you have? Well, great for you, Klonoa-chan! And here's some great news for all of you! The game's development is currently 60% complete! It'll be coming later this year!
(Everyone is amazed in response to what Haruka said)
Mappy: 60% complete!?
Velvet: Amazing...
Heihachi: Unbelievable...
Valkyrie: Such bravery...
Lloyd: That's incredible!
Wonder Momo: Congrats!
Spiral: Man, you girls have been working hard!
Pac-Man: OK, with all that being done and said, would all of you like to promote the game now for the fans, even though it's still in the works?
Haruka: We'd love to, Pac-Man! (clears throat)
765PRO ALLSTARS: THE iDOLMASTER Platinum Stars, coming soon to PlayStation 4!
(Everyone cheers for the girls, promoting their upcoming title)
Pac-Man: Come on, everybody, it's lunch time! I'll order us some pizzas! My treat!
(Everybody walks back in the hallway.)
Haruka: Oh, and did I tell you there will be a livestream at 9:00 PM tomorrow night?
Pac-Man: What? Oh... I forgot. I'll watch it before I go to bed. With you, Haruka.
Haruka: Oh, Pac-Man-chan! (laughs)
(Double iris out on Pac-Man and Haruka.)

- Good luck in THE iDOLMASTER Platinum Stars, 765PRO ALLSTARS, from all your BANDAI NAMCO friends and TheWolfBunny

BANDAI NAMCO All-Stars - Iori's 'Fateful' Present

Pac-Man (Pac-Man)
Cylindria (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures)
Spiral (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures)
Inky (Pac-Man)
Blinky (Pac-Man)
Pinky (Pac-Man)
Clyde (Pac-Man)
Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)
Colette Brunel (Tales of Symphonia)
Haruka Amami (THE iDOLMASTER)
Chihaya Kisaragi (THE iDOLMASTER)
Iori Minase (THE iDOLMASTER)
Gilgamesh (The Tower of Druaga)
Ki (The Tower of Druaga)
Klonoa (Klonoa)
Mappy (Mappy)
Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia)
Estellise Sidos Heurassein (Tales of Vesperia)
Wonder Momo (Wonder Momo)
And special guest star, Corrin (male), from Fire Emblem Fates
Friday, February 5, 2016
BANDAI NAMCO Headquarters
A Visitor From The Two Kingdoms
At BANDAI NAMCO headquarters, Pac-Man and friends were doing some submissive DLC story-writing for THE iDOLMASTER Platinum Stars when suddenly... a visitor from Hoshido and Nohr appears and happens to have a surprise gift for the affluent but charming 765PRO idol, Iori Minase, who lost the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot to Bayonetta, on December 15th, 2015. But even newcomers to Smash Bros. are sympathetic for those that did their best to join the battle.

(In the BANDAI NAMCO recording session room, Chihaya is seen singing a cover of Lost in Thoughts All Alone, the main theme song from Fire Emblem Fates, which will release in North America on February 19th, not knowing at this time a guest is arriving to see Iori in the hallway, silhouetted. Now we go inside to see Pac-Man and friends working on a submissive DLC story for THE iDOLMASTER Platinum Stars. There's also a CD player in the room. I wonder why...?)
Iori: So we should try to write a dramatic story about Yayoi and I temporarily ending our long friendship after a fight.
Haruka: That sounds like a good idea, Iori-chan!
Mirai: You've been friends with Yayoi for quite a long time.
Colette: It's best to break up sometimes.
Iori: So, any ideas on how we should break up? What do you think we should fight over?
Pac-Man: How about fighting over food during lunch?
Iori: Nah... that doesn't make common sense, Pac-Man.
Uzuki: Not caring about each other?
Iori: Close, but... not quite, Uzuki.
Blinky: Making a ghost prank with a white blanket scaring Yayoi?
Iori: Eugh... no, Blinky-chan. I don't prank!
Mappy: Fighting and then you getting arrested?
Iori: Wha... I don't think that'll work, Mappy. Fans wouldn't be too happy seeing that. Remember, this is THE iDOLMASTER! Not Grand Theft Auto!
Mappy: I know, but, still.
Wonder Momo: How about seeing aliens but Yayoi doesn't believe you?
Iori: Well... that's not gonna work. I'm an idol, Momo-chan!
Pac-Man: Hmm... she needs a story that makes common sense. Hey, Estellise! Yuri! How do you think Iori and Yayoi should break up?
(Estellise and Yuri are both playing Project X Zone 2 on their New Nintendo 3DS XL systems. Yuri's New 3DS XL is black and Estellise's New 3DS XL is white.)
Estellise: Hey! Can you be quiet, Pac-Man? I'm trying to play Project X Zone 2 over here! Come on, I need to use Sacred Penance to heal everyone!
Yuri: Almost there... this boss is half-way done! I can do this!
Pac-Man: Man, those two have gone so obsessed over that game... and it hasn't even came out in North America yet! It's scheduled to on February 16th.
Cylindria: Well, it's a good thing I didn't pre-order it, because I'm not even in this game!
Spiral: Me neither! In fact, you're not in this game at all, Pacster! That's uncool!
Pac-Man: I know, Spiral. How come I never got invited to it? 
Iori: Um, guys? Do you still have any ideas on how we should break up?
Klonoa (snaps fingers, gets an idea): I got it! How about...
(A door is open. Everyone in the room pay their attention to... Corrin! Corrin has stuff in a tote bag.)
Corrin: Greetings, everyone.
Estellise: Oh, Corrin! (She and Yuri close their New 3DS XL systems.)
Yuri: Hi, Corrin!
(As Corrin comes in, some characters greet him hello)
Blinky: Hi ya, Corrin! What's shaking?
Spiral: Corrin, my man!
Cylindria: Hi there!
Haruka: Konnichiwa, Corrin-san!
Lloyd: Hey, Corrin! What brings you here at BANDAI NAMCO headquarters?
Corrin: I am looking for the one named Iori.
Iori: Nihihi~! That's me you're looking for! I'm the lovely Ultra Super Miracle Idol Minase Iori-chan! (curtsies like a princess) Pleased to make your acquaintance!
Corrin: Hello there. I've came all the way from Hoshido and Nohr to see you.
Pac-Man: Hey, Corrin! It's good to see you again! So, how does it feel to be in Smash Bros.?
Corrin: It feels like a true honor, Pac-Man.
Iori: Wait a second... C-C-C-Corrin!? (remembers Corrin's Smash Bros. trailer, mostly his introduction tagline, "Corrin Chooses to Smash!". Angrily points at Corrin) So you were the one who took one of my most wanted spots for Smash Bros., you baka! I wanted to make my worldwide debut in the game because I wanted to be very popular to make not only my fans happy, but I wanted to make Harada-P happy and very proud of me!
Pinky: But Iori, you already made your fans happy.
Ki: Yeah! With your dancing, your charming looks, and the songs that you've sang, your smiles always bring your fans smile too.
Mirai: Besides, you and the others still got work to do on Platinum Stars!
Iori: Hmm... I suppose that is true, considering how hard I tried out for that tournament. I am already quite popular in Japan anyway.
Pac-Man: There, you see, Iori? You don't need to be in Smash Bros. just to expand your fame!
Wonder Momo: You're already popular enough as is!
Uzuki: We love you just the way you are, even if our series is kinda represented by some of our composers!
Pinky: I agree! You're the most charming idol ever.
Corrin: They speak the truth. Not everybody can get the chance to fight. It's best to continue to be who you truly are, as an idol.
Iori: Very true, Corrin-chan! From now on, I will continue singing onward for all of my loyal serv-- uh, fans! Especially HaradaP, for he loves me! Nihihi~!
Lloyd: You're not alone, Iori. I wanted to be Smash Bros. too to fight with Link, but at least I have a Mii Fighter costume to represent Tales of Symphonia.
Gilgamesh: My series is represented too due to my own Mii Fighter costume, despite that I had dreams of dueling with Marth in the battlefield. Oh well, maybe next time.
Klonoa: And I wanted to be in too, just so I could meet Mario and Luigi!
Corrin: Yes. You've all done your best, but Pac-Man made it in the end. And Iori, while you did do your best, Bayonetta and I made it to Smash Bros., thanks to the loyal support of our fans. For all the support the fans have attempted to give you, I happen to have a gift for you, due to the now-finished DLC support.
Iori: A gift? As in a present? Arigatou, Corrin! You're such a polite person even when it's not my birthday! Nihihi~!
Corrin: Iori, I know how much you wanted to join Smash as a DLC character, so I came here to present you this. (Corrin presents Iori the Fire Emblem Fates edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL, packaged in its box. You can get one yourself too, if you can that is.) The Fire Emblem Fates edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL. This will come out alongside with my game of the same name on February 19th. I managed to bring you one early as a lovely parting gift from the Smash Bros. universe.
Iori (brightened, due to the New 3DS XL's colors on the box): Oh my goodness!!! F-f-for me?! (screaming loudly with joy, jumping up and down like a freaky fangirl who just recently got tickets to a live One Direction concert)
Lloyd: Wow... that is a nice 3DS!
Klonoa: That looks so epic!
Cylindria: It's so... colorful!
Haruka: You must feel pretty lucky, Iori-chan!
Estellise: It's white on the front...
Yuri: Black on the back...
Wonder Momo: And it's so lovely!
Pac-Man: Now you finally have your own 3DS, Iori!
Iori: I never even owned a 3DS before but, out of all the wonderful presents I've received from my fans, this is the greatest present of my life!!! Thank you very much, Corrin!!!
Corrin: I figured you'd love it.
(Chihaya quickly comes in the room, with a CD in her possession (in a case), hearing Iori's fangirl-esque screams.)
Chihaya: Iori-chan! Uh, what's with all the screaming?
Iori (while Corrin shows Chihaya): Look, Chihaya! My very own 3DS! And I didn't even have to get it from a fan!
Chihaya (responds with awe): O-oh... wow, Iori... that 3DS is... really lovely. (sees Corrin.) Corrin? Did you give Iori this?
Corrin: Yes. This is a parting gift from Smash.
Chihaya: Well, that's really nice of you.
Iori: Well, thanks for the 3DS, Corrin! I can't wait to open it up!
Corrin: Hold on a second. That's not all. (Scene transition. He shows Iori a 16GB microSD card, a Duraflexi Protector, screen protectors, an AC adapter, a carrying case, and most importantly, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, which are all sitting on the BANDAI NAMCO table)
Iori (gasps, eyes sparkle): Super Smash Bros.!! And a 16GB microSD card!!!
Corrin: I also brought you some HORI accessories to make sure your 3DS is safely protected. I even gave you a carrying case so you can take it anywhere you go. Plus, since that this is your first 3DS system, I also have an AC adapter just in case if your 3DS is running low.
Haruka: E-eh? But why, Corrin-chan? Every 3DS comes with a charger usually, right?
Corrin: Not all of them, Haruka. You see, normally, a New Nintendo 3DS system doesn't come with an AC adapter, for those that already own a 3DS, but since that this is Iori's first 3DS, I've made an exception by getting one separately.
Lloyd: Oh, so that explains why I had to buy one separately since I got my red one.
Haruka: Eh-heh-heh! Oh, Lloyd-san!
Iori: That was really clever of you, Corrin! Let's open it up!
(Scene transition. Iori's New 3DS XL now has the clear Duraflexi Protector on, protecting it from future scratches and fingerprints. It's also charging so Iori will expect four bars on top of the New 3DS XL's top screen. As for the 16GB microSD card? Don't worry, that's been taken care of, with a size 0 Phillips screwdriver, and not Corrin's sword. Who'd want to unscrew a New Nintendo 3DS XL with a big sword anyway? Iori now opens the New 3DS XL, only to be surprised with the 3DS being white on the inside, and it has black buttons, and not to mention, a black D-pad. The screen protectors are also on the screens of the 3DS, which is why the screens reflect.)
Corrin: So, how does it look on the inside?
Iori: ...It's so beautiful!
Clyde: So shiny...
Uzuki: It's all white and pretty...
Mirai: And it even has black buttons too!
Iori: Now to get it all set up!
(Iori presses the power button. The New Nintendo 3DS XL logo appears in a white background moments later after the blue LED light turns on. The system language screen then appears. Scene transition. Iori's New Nintendo 3DS XL is all set and ready to go! Oh, and Iori also recreated her Mii on the 3DS too via Mii Maker.)
Corrin: Well, Iori, are you satisfied with your present?
Iori: How couldn't I? This 3DS is the most prettiest present Iori-chan has ever gotten! Thank you!
Corrin: And Iori? I have one last thing for you. Because that I am DLC, you might need this. (He gives Iori a rare Nintendo eShop card worth $100.)
Iori: Seriously!? I haven't even opened up a Nintendo Network account, and already, I got an eShop card!!! I'm going to take care of business right now, Corrin-chan! You're so generous! (Scene transition. Iori just used almost all her money to get all the DLC packs. Now she is at the title screen of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Yes, she also updated too.) OK, now it's time to make my Mii! (She presses A. Now at the main menu, she goes to Games & More, then Custom, and then Mii Fighters. Iori has to create a Mii Fighter of herself since she is not included in this game. Iori first picked her Mii. Then chose a class. She chose Mii Gunner. Iori then had to enter her name. And so was born Iori in Smash Bros.! As a Mii Gunner. Then she gave her own Mii Gunner a Hoodie, and some custom moves.) There! Now I'm finally all set to Smash!
Haruka: Well that's great, Iori-chan! Now you can have fun playing Smash 3DS with us during our breaks! Especially when we're working on THE iDOLMASTER Platinum Stars!
Klonoa: Although that I'm not in Smash Bros., I'm enjoying playing the game as Shulk! You can fight me anytime you want, Iori!
Iori: Thanks, Klonoa-chan!
Pac-Man: And you know what the best part is, Iori? Now you'll be able to play with us locally during 4-player matches when we're going out places! Especially if we're travelling!
Iori: Well, that's brilliant! I'll do my very best!
Corrin: Now that you're all set to Smash, will you do me a big favor, Iori?
Iori: Of course! Usually, I ask for favors like when the Producer brings me orange juice, but now that I think about it, I guess I can make an exception! So, what's your favor, Corrin?
Corrin: How would you like to Smash with me 1-on-1? Let's have a 3-minute timed battle with items on! And we'll even fight fair and square with no customization whatsoever!
Iori: Really? You want a tense battle with Super Idol Iori? You're on! This is my chance to prove that I'm tough enough to join Smash! I've played a lot of the Wii U version, so I'm ready to take you on here on the 3DS!
Corrin: Very well, Iori. (He pulls out his white New Nintendo 3DS XL.) Let's settle it in Smash!
(Transition to a Street Fighter V-styled versus character splash screen with Iori on the left and Corrin on the right, who make fighting poses. Transition to Iori and Corrin selecting their characters. On her 3DS, Iori selects herself, or rather her Mii Gunner, and Corrin selects himself on his 3DS.)
Iori: OK, Corrin! (Makes a cute pose winking) Iori is READY for battle! Nihihi~!
(Haruka, Uzuki, and Mirai are now disguised as cheerleaders, giving Iori her support to win the match against Corrin.)
Haruka, Uzuki, and Mirai (while Iori and Corrin take notice): Whoo! Iori, Iori, let's go Iori! Smash that Corrin and win the trophy! Go, Iori! (cheering)
Iori: Um... thanks, guys?
Corrin: Let's... just get this over with.
(On Corrin's 3DS, he is training so he can wait for Iori to make her stage selection on her 3DS. Since this is her first 3DS match, Iori chooses Battlefield.)
Iori: All right, Corrin, let's fight!
Corrin: You'll be sorry.
2 minutes and 50 seconds later...
(On their match, Iori and Corrin only had 10 seconds left.)
Haruka: Come on, Iori! You can do it!
Mirai: Smash him again, Iori!
(On exactly 0:07.47, Iori uses a charged side Smash attack with her C-stick to KO Corrin who was at 137% damage. He loses one point and Iori wins one point. Iori currently is at 28% damage.)
Yuri: Just 6 seconds left! I know you can do it!
Announcer: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, TIME! (On Iori's point of view, with her hands holding the New 3DS XL, the top screen freezes upon the announcer saying "TIME!". The heads-up display on the bottom screen fades to black.)
Clyde (offscreen): And the winner is...
(The top screen transitions to the results screen to see who won. It's Iori!)
Announcer: The winner is... Mii!
Corrin (stunned by the results): Whoa... impressive.
Iori (raises fist up in victory): I won!
(Most characters applaud for Iori's victory)
Mappy: Yay!
Haruka: Whoo!!! Iori!!!
Ki: Yay, Iori!
Pinky: Yeah, that's my girl!
(Mirai whistles)
Pac-Man: Great job!
Wonder Momo: You did awesome!
Iori: Thank you, everybody!
(Corrin closes his New 3DS XL and puts it in his pocket. Iori closes her New 3DS XL as well.)
Corrin: Well played, Iori. I guess you might have what it takes to join the battle someday. Well, I must be heading back home now. My family is waiting for me.
Iori: Hey, Corrin? Is it OK if I got a cute photo with you?
Corrin: Absolutely, Iori.
(Iori pulls out her phone so she can get a selfie with Corrin. Corrin poses with a cool peace-out sign)
Iori (winks, and shows with her New Nintendo 3DS XL): Friendsies! (snapshot picture is heard on the phone)
Corrin: Well, that was fun. It was a real honor to see you. I hope that we meet again soon. (pulls out his sword) Keep on singing, Iori Minase! For all the fans that will continue to cheer you on. And whatever path comes your way, you make that decision!
Iori (As Corrin exits, waves bye-bye): Thank you! Au revoir, Corrin! Good luck in your game! Nihihi~!
(Corrin shuts the door)
Pac-Man: Wow... what a nice guy he is.
Pinky: He's so dreamy... and yet, he's another swordfighter in Smash.
Clyde: At least he's different than Robin.
Blinky: And a lot stronger than Marth too, thanks to his big watery sword.
Inky: Yeah, well, the important thing is, he visited BANDAI NAMCO headquarters!
Pinky: That's true. I hope he comes by again soon!
Yuri: So, let's see... what was I exactly doing before Corrin came in? (remembers Project X Zone 2) OH YEAH, RIGHT! The boss!
Estellise (shocked): Oh! I gotta get back to Project X Zone 2!
(Estellise and Yuri panickingly get back to playing Project X Zone 2 on their New Nintendo 3DS XL systems)
Iori: OK...? So, where was I? Oh right! (Scene transition. Everyone was back to where they were before Corrin came in. Now Iori's 3DS is inside her carrying case so she'll have time to play with it again next time) So, Klonoa, what were you about to say again? I'm kinda sorry that Corrin came in and interrupted your idea.
Klonoa: It's OK, Iori, but what I just was going to say was... what if Yayoi made you fall during practice accidentally and get seriously injured? That way, you had to rest until your injury heals up.
Iori: Oh! That's very good, Klonoa! That way, I can get really angry at Yayoi and I won't be her friend anymore! Thanks! I'll put that in as a submission DLC story, hoping that it'll make it into the final version of the game! (she starts writing)
Wonder Momo: Wow, Klonoa, I didn't know you had it in you!
Klonoa: I did. As someone who's traveled through dreams, I can safely say that, I have a big heart for friendships. It will be kind of harsh to break up Iori and Yayoi for a little while, but, let's face it. Sometimes, it's for the best.
Haruka: You're so smart, Klonoa-san!
Klonoa: Aw, thanks, Haruka.
Pac-Man: So, where were you, Chihaya? I haven't seen you all day!
Cylindria: Have you been practicing your singing again?
Chihaya: Yes, Cylindria-chan! I was performing a cover of Lost in Thoughts All Alone while you guys were working on your submissive DLC story. I did this to celebrate the North American release of Fire Emblem Fates, since it's coming later this month. (shows Pac-Man, Cylindria, and Spiral her recorded CD single) Do you want to hear it?
Spiral: Why of course we can! Let 'er rip, Chihaya!
Chihaya: OK then! (She then puts her CD in the CD player, which had an empty slot at the time. Her version of Lost in Thoughts All Alone starts playing. Everyone starts reacting positive as they hear Chihaya's vocals, instead for Iori, who is still working on the DLC story, and for Yuri and Estellise? Still focusing on Project X Zone 2. Chihaya is rather pleased with the results with her own cover.)
Pinky: Wow... that's so beautiful!
Inky: Lovely...
Clyde: That's the most prettiest singing I've even heard to honor this game... (sniffs) It's enough to make a big ghost cry! (sobbing, and then tears up in two)
Blinky (facepalms): Oh, get a grip, Clyde!
Pac-Man: You know something, guys?
Cylindria: What's that, Pac?
Pac-Man: I think Chihaya did an amazing job singing this song.
Spiral: I agree, dude. This is the best way to honor Fire Emblem Fates!
Iori: There, and... done. (stops writing.) Even if this DLC story doesn't make it to the final game, I worked on it very hard. (Iori takes a moment to listen to Chihaya's singing.) Wow... Chihaya sure commemorated Fire Emblem Fates with her version of that song... And to top it all off, I even got the greatest present ever, even if it wasn't from a fan of mine! (She opens up the carrying case, and takes a look at her newly-acquired New Nintendo 3DS XL in her hand, sent by Corrin.) And it's all thanks to my new friend, Corrin. I think I'm obviously going to get along with my 3DS just fine. I can't wait to show this back at home! Nihihi~! (Fade to black)

- Good luck in North America, Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and Birthright, from all your BANDAI NAMCO friends and TheWolfBunny

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, available Feb. 19th!

Nintendo GameCube Controller - Bayonetta Edition by TheWolfBunny
Nintendo GameCube Controller - Bayonetta Edition
Bayonetta can't tell you how grateful she is since she has won the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot worldwide. And to show you her appreciation, the Umbra Witch would like to present you with... THIS!
It's the Bayonetta edition of the Nintendo GameCube controller!
With delightful dull red buttons, analog sticks, and brightful face buttons!
Want to get this? All you have to do is contact a custom controller creator or make this yourself!

Bayonetta is copyright of SEGA and PLATINUM GAMES
GameCube Controller - Fire Emblem Fates Edition by TheWolfBunny
GameCube Controller - Fire Emblem Fates Edition
This controller sure is "fateful", eh? Get it!? FATEFUL?!
Anyways, with Fire Emblem Fates on the horizon coming February 19th, this is a special controller from the two kingdoms: Hoshido and Nohr. It even comes with the logo of the game!
Want this? Contact a custom controller creator or try doing this yourself!

Fire Emblem Fates is copyright of Nintendo/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS


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