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Yoshi's 25th Anniversary Wallpaper by TheWolfBunny
Yoshi's 25th Anniversary Wallpaper
So 2015 is the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros., right?
But 2015 also marks the 25th birthday of a trusty steed of who we all came to know and love, a green dinosaur who's been flutter jumping and always on his fruit diet since 1990, it's Yoshi!
So, let's take the time to thank Yoshi for 25 egg-citing years!

Happy 25th Anniversary, Yoshi! (1990 - 2015)
Puzzle League SNES Controller by TheWolfBunny
Puzzle League SNES Controller
This is a special customizable SNES controller for those that have mastered Tetris Attack for the SNES. This is also really usable for a Tetris Attack Tournament. I would recommend the blue shell for this special SNES controller in a BEAUTIFUL metallic finish. Plus, don't forget to credit that I made this special controller! If you want this, paint it, get the Puzzle League logo on there, or contest someone online to make this!

Panel de Pon / Puzzle League is, I mean WAS, copyright of Intelligent Systems
The base SNES controller was created by the great and awesome T95Master 
How To Cosplay As Marilyn (Pokemon) by TheWolfBunny
How To Cosplay As Marilyn (Pokemon)
Wanna cosplay as the little pink princess from the Pokémon episode, "Battling A Cute Drama!"? Well... you're in luck.

1: Create/purchase a short teal wig, make it like Marilyn's hairdo, and put a cute pink headband on top of it.
2: Now let's create Marilyn's dress. It appears Marilyn's dress has a light pink part on the front, and the rest is pink on the sides and back. So try to make a dress just like that, whatever fabric you choose.
3: On the bodice of the dress, create/purchase three bows, and put them vertically on the dress, with a white turtleneck with a pink line that follows it.
4: Create long pink sleeves, with two lines added to the end of each sleeve.
5: On the bottom part of the dress, add a pink vertical line around the dress, then as the final touch, as the white fluffy decor on the bottom.
6: Create/purchase a light pink pantyhose, like what Marilyn is wearing.
7: Create/purchase a pair of pink slip-on shoes.

And you are the cute Pokémon fan, Marilyn!
Tetris Attack/Puzzle League Clone Tutorial by TheWolfBunny
Tetris Attack/Puzzle League Clone Tutorial
Salutations, all you Puzzle League pros!
Are you tired? Do you play Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon/Puzzle League all day? Don't you just wish you want to make your own Tetris Attack/Puzzle League games and maybe send them up to deviantART to impress your friends and maybe yourself? Well, step right up! Today's your lucky day! Now you can! Just follow these steps!

1: Use C++ or SDL. You're going to need either one of them. Or use Javascript and HTML/CSS+. Or any other gamr program you choose.
2: Use all six of the blocks from Puzzle League/Tetris Attack, including 20 all-new ones I made as seen here. Use all 26 for a required panel toggle feature. You can also make all these panels HD!:…
3: Use these controls for your game:
Up, Down, Left, and Right Keys: Move Cursor
Spacebar: Switch Blocks
Enter: Rise the stack (If Exploding Lift is on, hold enter to raise the stack, even when blocks are disappearing. I recommend adding Exploding Lift to make things more competitive)
P: Start/pause/resume game, since "Panel" starts with P
H: Hints, exclusively for Puzzle University Mode
I'd also recommend USB SNES/SFC controller compatibility for more comfortable gameplay.
4: Add music to your game! Maybe add panic music too for when the blocks are reaching the top of the screen! (Also happens when 15 seconds remain in Time Trial Mode)
5: Add a theme to your game, whether you can pony Puzzle League with a MLP: FiM theme, or use Pokemon characters, or a Yoshi theme. The choice is up to you! What theme would you like to give your game?
6: I would SERIOUSLY recommend you to use these modes for your game, but if you want to add new ones, or old ones, the choice is yours:

1-Player Mode:
Marathon: Play as long as you can with a continuously rising stack of panels which will speed up over time until it's Game Over! As you progress, the stack will get faster over time. (SCORE CAPS SHOULD BE REMOVED. I just hate maxing out!)
Time Zone: How many combos and chains can you make for two minutes? Try to make the best high score!
VS. CPU Mode/Story VS. CPU Mode/Arcade VS. Mode: Challenge yourself fighting CPU-controlled opponents in 1-on-1, 2-vs-2, 3-vs-3, or even 4-vs-4 battles! Maybe you'll even face off with 2-7 CPUs at the same time without assistance! Choose which path to take for a Garbage Block battle. Can you make it to the final stage? (If you want it to be the same 1-vs-1 gameplay, it's up to you)
Difficulty Levels:
Super Hard (This mode and Intense Mode will be unlocked after beating Hard Mode for the first time. You can even face the true final boss!)
Intense (For skilled players!)
Line Clear Mode: In this mode, there are six rounds, each with five stages. The objective of this mode is to clear blocks below a set line. Every fifth stage will end with a boss battle, where you will need to use your combo and chain abilities to deplete the boss' HP. As you process throughout this mode, it will get tougher, so don't give up!
Puzzle University: Clear all the blocks in this set of puzzle modes. If you're having trouble, press the H key to help you. The objective is to clear a certain number of blocks with a set number of moves. If you clear all stages, more difficult ones will be added. There are also Active Puzzles and Advanced Puzzles, that is, if you're skilled enough.
Garbage Challenge Mode: Garbage blocks will rain down on your playfield, so it is up to you to erase them with your panel-exploding techniques! The more you play, the more they'll appear! 

2-Player Mode should be gone. Completely. Instead, it should be replaced by a new multiplayer mode called Puzzle Battle Mode.
Puzzle Battle Mode: 
Puzzle Battle: Up to four people/CPUs can play! Even do a team battle, if you're playing alone. Use your combo and chain abilities to wipe out your opponents! Of course, you don't need four players at the same time all the time. If you want to do 3-player battles or basic 2-player battles, it's OK. When playing Team Battles, you can choose your team color, whether it can be blue, red, green, or yellow. Plus, the color of the garbage blocks will also change depending on which team color or playfield color, so, a player can't clear different-colored garbage blocks at the same time.
8-Player Puzzle Battle: For the first time in the Puzzle League series, up to eight of you can play! Even if you're not battling people online, just battle some CPUs. All of the formats from Puzzle Battle are there. Team Battles are there as well, so we can't forget that. If you want to fight less than seven opponents, that's fine. 
There should be six formats in Puzzle Battle and 8-Player Puzzle Battle, three old, and three new, similar to the Smash series. For Garbage Battle Mode, Time Zone Mode, and Stage Clear Mode, adjust to how many win points you'd like for players to win (Minimum Win-Points: 1, Maximum Win-Points: 99). Also adjust the block level. The higher you adjust the block level, the faster blocks will disappear and the more likely you'll instantly lose when blocks reach the top of the playfield. (Block Level: 1-10). If you’re playing with CPUs, you can adjust the CPU level. The higher it is, the tougher the opponent will get (CPU Level: 1-10). In a Free-For-All Puzzle Battle, you can adjust the timer (Minimum Amount: 1 Minute, Maximum Amount: 99 Minutes). In a Stock Puzzle Battle, adjust to how many lives all players will need (Minimum Amount: 1 Life, Maximum Amount: 99 Lives). In a Stamina Puzzle Battle, you can adjust the HP number (Minimum Amount: 200HP, Maximum amount: 9,999HP).
The six formats are:
Garbage Block Battle: Whenever a player or a team loses with the stack reaching the top of the playfield with garbage blocks, the victor will get a win-point! The player or team who gets all win points is the winner! 
Time Zone: For two minutes, you and your opponents will have to compete for the best high score. If your playfield reaches the top of the playfield before time runs out, your stack will reset and the score will reset back to 0. Also adjust to how many win points you'd like.
Line Clear: You must be the first to get your blocks above the Line Clear line before your opponents do! Also, you can adjust how many lines you can win.
Free-For-All: It's still Garbage Block Battle Mode, but this time, in this special format, you won't be eliminated when your stack reaches the top. Instead, the defeated stack will reset, and the opponent will receive a KO point for doing so. When you are KO'ed, you'll lose a point for getting defeated. When the time is up, the winner will be declared for how many KOs he/she gave and gets a win point. If two or more players have the same amount of points by the end of the match, a Sudden Death Puzzle Battle will occur. 
Stock: When your playfield reaches to the top thanks to Garbage Blocks, your stack will reset and you will lose a life. If you lose all lives, you're history. Last person/team standing is the winner. 
Stamina: When you use your combos and chains, instead of garbage blocks falling down, your attacks will deplete a lifebar from the opponent. When the opponent's HP hits zero, that player is out! Be the last player or the last team standing to win. 

In addition to Puzzle Battles with 6x12 grid playfields, I'd also recommend adding these special modes for your game during battle:
Petit Puzzle Battle Mode: Up to 8 players/CPUs will battle it out 6x9 grid playfields. You may remember this 6x9 grid playfield from the Game Boy version of Tetris Attack and Pokemon Puzzle Challenge.
Ultra Puzzle Battle Mode: Up to 8 players/CPUs will battle it out with 6x24 grid playfields! WOW!!! Pure Puzzle Chaos, I should say! Size does matter!

Also, for some good options in your game, you'll need these:
Exploding Lift: If you turn this mechanic on, you can raise the stack while panels are exploding and while garbage blocks are turning into panels! Makes the competition more intense!
Alert Sign: When this is on, when your panels reach the top of the screen, a "Game Over" sign will appear. This will only work on modes with garbage blocks. (Remember that? That was from Puzzle League GBA in Dr. Mario and Puzzle League)
Sound: Adjust the volume of music, sound effects, and voice clips. 

Don't forget to add an online mode too!
I also recommend a 64-128 player/CPU tournament mode!

Also, when doing Puzzle Battle Mode, here is the list of respective player colors and garbage block colors you'll need, even if CPUs are battling:
Player 1: Blue
Player 2: Red
Player 3: Green
Player 4: Yellow
Player 5: Cyan
Player 6: Orange
Player 7: Slate
Player 8: Purple 

Once you've got everything to make yourself a Tetris Attack/Puzzle League game, your Puzzle League game is complete and ready for action! See if you got what it takes to make your own Tetris Attack/Puzzle League project!

Tetris Attack/Panel De Pon/Puzzle League is copyright of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems... if they'll use it ever again, that is.
Puzzle League - The Ultimate Panel Set #2 by TheWolfBunny
Puzzle League - The Ultimate Panel Set #2
Six veteran panels, 20 newcomer panels, oh boy oh boy! You're gonna love using these for your own Puzzle League clone/fangame! The reason why I have 26 in this special deviant is, let's say you want to add a panel-toggling feature.

The panels are as follows from left to right, just in case if you want to make them all HD, and not pixelated:
Circle (Green)
Diamond (Purple)
Red (Heart)
Star (Yellow)
Triangle (Cyan)
Upside-Down Triangle (Blue)
Quatrefoil (Sage)
Lightning Bolt (Creme)
Teardrop (Navy Blue)
Crescent Moon (Orange)
Plus Cross (White)
Club (Pink)
Spade (Black)
Six-Petal Flower (Lime Green)
Hexagon (Magenta)
Snowflake (Baby Blue)
Butterfly (Lavender)
X (Burgundy)
Square (Peach)
Jewel (Light Pink)
Donut Circle (Brown)
Leaf (Light Green)
King's Crown (Silver Grey)
Pentagon (Dark Green)
Flame (Orange Red)
Exalt (Pale Blue)

I also have 5 Item Blocks you can take, and they are:

! Panel: Match 3 or more of these, even when performing a chain with them, and you'll send a thin gray garbage block.
Double ! Panel: This black panel with two exclamation marks will mean double trouble. If a player clears 3 or more panels, two black thick garbage blocks will come down on the target's playfield. To make things harder, if panels are touching black garbage blocks, they will have to be transformed into panels by clearing them right next to the garbage blocks twice! 
Triple ! Panel: This red panel with three exclamation marks is gonna cause BIG trouble. If a player matches 3 or more panels, three dark thick red garbage blocks will come down on the target's playfield. Might be useful as an upgrade to the ! panel. What's worse is, panels must be cleared under or next to the dark red garbage blocks three times in order for the garbage blocks to transform into panels! Makes the competition fierce. 
Rainbow ! Panel: Match 3 or more of these, and you'll send multi-colored Garbage Blocks to your opponents.
Golden ! Panel: Match 3 or more of these, even when performing a Chain, and you'll send sparkling gold Garbage Blocks. There's a catch. Gold Garbage Blocks are invincible and can't be touched, until they turn back to vulnerable Garbage Blocks when 15 seconds are up.

If you want to use all 31 of these for your Puzzle League fanmade clone, do not forget to credit.

Panel de Pon / Puzzle League is, I mean WAS copyright of Intelligent Systems

PS: If you want to use a different shade of all 7 of the original Tetris Attack / Puzzle League blocks, choose one of these sets:………………………………

For a limited time, you can also use this special 20th anniversary panel to celebrate 20 years of the Puzzle League series! (Lasts unill 12/31/2015):…


Patrick Adams
United States
I LOVE to favorite art!
I'm also smart and have lots of cool ideas!
I am a huge fan of Super Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, Tetris, Pokémon, THE iDOLMASTER, anime, pinball, bowling, breakout, Jeopardy!, Wheel Of Fortune, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Press Your Luck, Pac-Man, Kirby, Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country, Homestar Runner, Puzzle League/Tetris Attack, and Super Smash Brothers!

I really hope to have a wonderful time here at deviantART! :)

If you want to Settle It In Smash with me with Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, my Friend Code is 2320-6699-6288. I'll be waiting!

Don't forget to give me points if you think I'm doing a good job! I really need some!


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