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Tetris Attack 2 For SNES (Reproduction Cartridge) by TheWolfBunny
Tetris Attack 2 For SNES (Reproduction Cartridge)
If you want the sequel to the hit puzzle game to 1996 to exist, then you can make it come true with a reproduction cartridge.

What is the story, may you be asking? Well, here's the deal, Bowser has returned after his last defeat from Yoshi last time, so he hires more allies to destroy our green hero. Kamek, one of Bowser's troops decides to cast a spell on all eight of Yoshi's friends again. Yoshi, with great confidence in him, must break the spell once again and stop Bowser for good!

What is new in Tetris Attack 2?:
Besides new songs, all music tracks from TA1 can be remastered, so they can't be all the exact same tracks.
Three new panels added with the original 7 added into the mix.
When one of Yoshi's friends loses a match, they won't go away, THANK GOD.
For expert players, players can play Very Hard Mode, and Intense Mode, with dark blue panels being added into the mix as well.
A save feature can be featured, for whenever you wanna stop playing.
You can even get the option to turn on Exploding Lift for when you can raise the stack while doing combos and chains.
Each time you beat a round in Stage Clear Mode, you have to battle a boss just like the Special Stages and Last Stages.

There will be new panels also, but only in VS. CPU Mode, and 2P VS. Mode:

Doom Panel: If you fear of losing against your opponent, this new panel will come up and will assist you, and when you match three or more of these new Doom Panels, you'll send out a giant garbage block to your opponent.

Clear Panel: If you're about to die to your opponent, there will be Clear Panels that will help you out. Match three or more of these, the whole playfield will explode, panels, garbage blocks, and all. Then new panels will rise. Good way to save yourself from certain doom.

Garbage-Send Panel: Match three or more of these, and all of your garbage blocks your opponent sent you will be taken to the opponent who gave you the garbage blocks. Revenge IS a dish best served cold.

POW Blocks: New to the Tetris Attack/Puzzle League series are the POW Blocks from 1983's Mario Brothers. Player 1 has blue POW blocks while Player 2 has red POW blocks, to match the colors of the playfields. Match three or more of the POW blocks, and a pile of garbage blocks will come down on your opponent.

Guard Panel: If you're tired of garbage blocks being sent to you, then maybe these will help. Match three or more, and you'll be invincible to garbage blocks no matter how hard your opponent tries. Garbage blocks will not come down when you are invincible.

Here are the VS. Mode stages so far:
Stage 1: Lakitu
Stage 2: Bumpty
Stage 3: Poochy
Stage 4: Flying Wiggler
Stage 5: Froggy
Stage 6: Gargantuan Blargg
Stage 7: Lunge Fish
Stage 8: Raphael The Raven
Stage 9: Hookbill The Koopa
Stage 10: Navel Pirahna
Stage 11: Kamek
Stage 12: Salvo The Slime
Stage 13: Roger the Potted Ghost
Stage 14: Tap-Tap The Red Nose
Stage 15: Tap-Tap The Golden
Stage 16: Bigger Boo
Stage 17: Kammy
Stage 18: Bowser Jr. (Final Boss in Easy Mode)
Stage 19: Bowser (Final Boss in Normal Mode)
Stage 20: Giga Bowser (Final Boss in Hard Mode)
Stage 21: Corderia, The Puzzle Goddess (The True Final Boss! Only in Very Hard and Intense Mode!)
VS. Mode returns, Endless Mode returns, Stage Clear Mode returns, Time Trial Mode returns, 2P returns, and even Puzzle Mode comes back as well.

There's also a new unlockable mode for those who beat Stage Clear Mode:
Boss Battles Mode: This is a Boss Rush mode. In this mode, you have to take out the 6 boss stages you conquered earlier in Stage Clear mode. If you get Game Over, then you'll have to start this mode all over again.

Please make this come true!
Tetris Attack VS. Mode Borders And Bricks by TheWolfBunny
Tetris Attack VS. Mode Borders And Bricks
For the first time ever, I have sprites for the VS. Mode borders and the bricks for when they cover the playfields when a match is over. Wanna use these for a Puzzle League game? Be my guest!

Tetris Attack is copyright of Intelligent Systems
New Nintendo 3DS Official Wallpaper by TheWolfBunny
New Nintendo 3DS Official Wallpaper
Well, this really ISN'T official, but this looks really cool to put on your desktop since the New 3DSes are coming to North America and Europe in 2015. I mean, if you like a handheld with trigger buttons and a C-stick, this one is just for you!

Question: Which New 3DS model are you planning to own? I'm planning to own the New Nintendo 3DS XL in Metallic Blue.
Pretty Cure Jeopardy! by TheWolfBunny
Pretty Cure Jeopardy!
This is Pretty Cure Jeopardy! Experience "Jeopardy!" with clues that are all about the Pretty Cure series! With this all-new edition, you can test your knowledge of Pretty Cure as you play the Jeopardy! round, the Double Jeopardy! round, and the Final Jeopardy! round too! And of course, this game wouldn't be complete without the wager-daring Daily Doubles! If you know Pretty Cure and Jeopardy!, are you up to the challenge? This game was created to dedicate and honor the 10th anniversary of the Pretty Cure franchise.

This is a special Pretty Cure edition of everyone's favorite quiz show, "Jeopardy!". The clues are about everybody's favorite anime since 2004, Pretty Cure. It will launch sometime around 2015, after the final episode of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure, the season celebrating Pretty Cure's 10th birthday, airs on January 25th, 2015. 

If you wanna listen to the sound effects and music, go here:…
If you wanna see the clues for Jeopardy!, Double Jeopardy!, and Final Jeopardy!, go here:…
If you wanna see the rules, settings, and modes, go here:… 
GameCube Controller - PW Dino Charge Edition by TheWolfBunny
GameCube Controller - PW Dino Charge Edition
In celebration of Power Rangers Dino Charge coming in 2015, here's a special GameCube controller!
Want to own this? Contact customnesguy on his Facebook or eBay, or try making this yourself!

Power Rangers Dino Charge is copyright of Saban
Nintendo GameCube is copyright of Nintendo


Patrick Adams
United States
I LOVE to favorite art!
I'm also smart and have lots of cool ideas!
I am a huge fan of Super Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, Tetris, Pokémon, THE iDOLMASTER, anime, pinball, bowling, breakout, Jeopardy!, Wheel Of Fortune, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Press Your Luck, Pac-Man, Kirby, Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country, Homestar Runner, Puzzle League/Tetris Attack, and Super Smash Brothers!

I really hope to have a wonderful time here at deviantART! :)

If you want to Settle It In Smash with me with Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, my Friend Code is 2320-6699-6288. I'll be waiting!

Don't forget to give me points if you think I'm doing a good job! I really need some!


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