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Today, I have an important announcement to make. I will sadly no longer use the golden Sonic icon I made.
As from now on, to show my love and appreciation to Panel de Pon / Puzzle League, I now have a new icon with Yoshi, Lip, Pikachu, and Bowser!
Tetris Attack - VS. Mode Prop Sheet by TheWolfBunny
Tetris Attack - VS. Mode Prop Sheet
Planning to use this for your own Tetris Attack hack or clone? Well, here is your chance to use this special VS. Mode set for your own Tetris Attack game! I even added some custom stuff to spice things up for someone who's playing by himself/herself. If you're going to use this, don't forget to credit me!

Tetris Attack is copyright of Nintendo and INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, 1996
VS. Mode Background Template originally ripped by JigglyPuffGirl 
Puzzle League - The Ultimate Panel Set #2 by TheWolfBunny
Puzzle League - The Ultimate Panel Set #2
Six veteran panels, 20 newcomer panels, oh boy oh boy! You're gonna love using these for your own Puzzle League clone/fangame! The reason why I have 26 in this special deviant is, let's say you want to add a panel-toggling feature.

The panels are as follows from left to right, just in case if you want to make them all HD, and not pixelated:
Circle (Green)
Diamond (Purple)
Red (Heart)
Star (Yellow)
Triangle (Cyan)
Upside-Down Triangle (Blue)
Quatrefoil (Sage)
Lightning Bolt (Creme)
Teardrop (Navy Blue)
Crescent Moon (Orange)
Plus Cross (White)
Club (Pink)
Spade (Black)
Six-Petal Flower (Lime Green)
Hexagon (Magenta)
Snowflake (Baby Blue)
Butterfly (Lavender)
X (Burgundy)
Square (Peach)
Jewel (Light Pink)
Donut Circle (Brown)
Leaf (Light Green)
King's Crown (Silver Grey)
Pentagon (Dark Green)
Flame (Orange Red)
Exalt (Pale Blue)

I also have 5 Item Blocks you can take, and they are:

! Panel: Match 3 or more of these, even when performing a chain with them, and you'll send a thin gray garbage block.
Double ! Panel: This black panel with two exclamation marks will mean double trouble. If a player clears 3 or more panels, two black thick garbage blocks will come down on the target's playfield. To make things harder, if panels are touching black garbage blocks, they will have to be transformed into panels by clearing them right next to the garbage blocks twice! 
Triple ! Panel: This red panel with three exclamation marks is gonna cause BIG trouble. If a player matches 3 or more panels, three dark thick red garbage blocks will come down on the target's playfield. Might be useful as an upgrade to the ! panel. What's worse is, panels must be cleared under or next to the dark red garbage blocks three times in order for the garbage blocks to transform into panels! Makes the competition fierce. 
Rainbow ! Panel: Match 3 or more of these, and you'll send multi-colored Garbage Blocks to your opponents.
Golden ! Panel: Match 3 or more of these, even when performing a Chain, and you'll send sparkling gold Garbage Blocks. There's a catch. Gold Garbage Blocks are invincible and can't be touched, until they turn back to vulnerable Garbage Blocks when 15 seconds are up.

If you want to use all 31 of these for your Puzzle League fanmade clone, do not forget to credit.

Panel de Pon / Puzzle League is, I mean WAS copyright of Intelligent Systems

PS: If you want to use a different shade of all 7 of the original Tetris Attack / Puzzle League blocks, choose one of these sets:………………………………

For a limited time, you can also use this special 20th anniversary panel to celebrate 20 years of the Puzzle League series! (Lasts unill 12/31/2015):…
He'll be home soon... by TheWolfBunny
He'll be home soon...
Mewtwo: So this Lucas kid... he'll be coming next month.
Ness: Yes! I've been waiting all day to see him return! I can't wait to introduce him to some new friends when he arrives in June!
Mewtwo: Maybe he'll get a specific release date at the Nintendo Digital Event. But we'll see what happens.

Don't miss the Nintendo Digital Event, coming 6/16, 9AM PT!
How To Cosplay As Iori Minase (Green Dress Var.) by TheWolfBunny
How To Cosplay As Iori Minase (Green Dress Var.)
Oh, Iori-sama... your adorableness has absorbed me yet again! And this time, you're even wearing a beautiful dress with my favorite color! GREEN! Well, it's a baby green I think.

Even though this dress has never been used in-game or in the anime series, it's time to learn how you can cosplay as Iori in this adorable dress!
1: Create/purchase a brown wig, then include it with a single band that curls on the right side of your face.
2: Create/purchase a black headband. Then on the left side of your headband, by either fabric glue or sewing, put a black bow.
3: Now let's get to the main part. The dress. Create a cute, long-sleeved, green and white horizontal-lined dress with a poofy finish on the bottom which 'covers' your legs. Choose any fabric you want to choose from to make the dress.
4: On the neck part of the dress, create a white decor turtleneck with a white decor bib with a black outline. Then down below, add four black buttons. The first three are big but the last one is smaller.
5: On each side of Iori's sleeves, add three buttons and a black outline at the finish.
6: On the bottom right, add three more buttons, and by using fabric glue or anything else, don't try stapling, cause that'll hurt, create and put in a big black ribbon.
7: Create/purchase a pair of long black shoes. Or heels. It's your choice.
8: As the final touch, add in a pair of brown eye contacts, to prove you're really Iori!

And that's it! You are now the lovely Minase Iori in this cute dress!
Shoutout and credit goes to dara/ranoex who originally made the character sheet so you can get more angles and views of Iori's lean green poofy dress!
If there are any mistakes I made in this tutorial, let me know, OK?


Patrick Adams
United States
I LOVE to favorite art!
I'm also smart and have lots of cool ideas!
I am a huge fan of Super Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, Tetris, Pokémon, THE iDOLMASTER, anime, pinball, bowling, breakout, Jeopardy!, Wheel Of Fortune, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Press Your Luck, Pac-Man, Kirby, Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country, Homestar Runner, Puzzle League/Tetris Attack, and Super Smash Brothers!

I really hope to have a wonderful time here at deviantART! :)

If you want to Settle It In Smash with me with Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, my Friend Code is 2320-6699-6288. I'll be waiting!

Don't forget to give me points if you think I'm doing a good job! I really need some!


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